Overwhelmed by the Expectations of Pregnancy?


Discover simple strategies to manage stress in pregnancy and create a healthy start for mama and baby! Feel connected with prenatal health coaches and a group of mamas who can relate.

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Learn how to live healthy, nourish yourself and baby optimally, overcome your limiting beliefs and transition smoothly from pregnancy to motherhood!

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Virtual Workshops Series

Dates: July 8th, 2023- August 12th, 2023 Saturdays 10:00am-11:15am PST

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Congratulations Mama!

You've got a positive pregnancy test. How are you feeling? 

  • Excited?
  • Shocked?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Anxious?
  • Relieved?
  • Grateful?

Many mamas who are newly pregnant describe feeling a mix of thoughts and emotions:

  • Excited to be welcoming their baby 
  • Overwhelmed by the changes in their body
  • Worried that they won't be good mothers
  • Loss of control over their time and wonder about their identity
  • Question what to eat, how to exercise, how to deal with pregnancy symptoms, and how to prepare for their babies' arrival

You can be Empowered in your Pregnancy


Create your holistic pregnancy guide (your personal note booklet) with the help of a pregnancy health coach and use it to:

  • Practice ways to positively impact your health and your baby's health, through lifestyle, mindset, and nutrition.
  • Implement natural remedies to enhance your comfort.
  • Promote the growth and development of baby. 
  • Minimize the risks of lifestyle-induced health issues.
  • Manage health challenges
  • Stay organized throughout your pregnancy
  • Create a strong bond and foundation of health with baby.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Empowered Pregnancy Practice, you’ll learn how to take control of your pregnancy and embrace the journey.

Take Charge of your Pregnancy!

In your Pregnancy, You Could…

  • Be empowered to make healthy choices for you and baby
  • Practice self-care to help you feel confident, calm, and content
  • Develop meaningful connections with mamas in a similar season of life

Empowered Pregnancy Workshop

Ready to take charge of your pregnancy  experience while feeling supported?


Our 6-week workshop series is designed to empower you to manage the stress of pregnancy while creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle for you and your baby. With our support, you'll learn how to:

  • Notice, challenge, and re-frame any negative thoughts that may affect your pregnancy
  • Make lifestyle choices that will promote you and your baby's health
  • Choose simple and tasty foods that replenish your nutrients, nourish baby, and satisfy your palate
  • Incorporate movement into your routine to help you feel strong and balanced


With a simple mindset shift and a holistic approach, you can start to experience the joys of pregnancy.

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What's Included In The Workshop...


Lifestyle and Mindset During Pregnancy

Your mindset is the basis of your lifestyle and wellbeing. Learn actionable steps to help you :

  • Identify and overcome limiting beliefs about yourself, your pregnancy, and your birth
  • Discover and communicate your needs to your family and healthcare provider
  • Incorporate self-care into your daily routine

You’ll gain confidence in making lifestyle choices that will benefit you and your baby. Including ditching any drama within your mind and around you.

Pregnancy nutrition

Nutrition for each Stage of Pregnancy

Listening to the wisdom of your body and practicing nutrition skills will help you:

  • Understand why nutrition matters for you and baby 
  • Choose a variety of fun, nutrient-rich foods to minimize deficiencies
  • Consider food safety during pregnancy
  • Understand food labels and ingredients

You’ll be able to choose foods that may help shape your baby's taste and identify, to avoid potentially harmful ingredients.

Pregnancy Fitness

Exercise and Movement During Pregnancy

Movement during pregnancy is the secret sauce to your mental and physical health. Learn:

  • The importance and benefits of movement in pregnancy
  • How to choose exercises for each stage of pregnancy
  • How to prepare your body for birth

You’ll be empowered to embrace movement that feels good to you.


Bringing Baby Home

Although there's no manual that comes with our babies; there are practical ways parents can ease the transition into the postpartum stage, including:

  • Navigating your postpartum mindset and lifestyle
  • Exploring nutrition and exercise considerations- whether or not mothers are nursing
  • Discussing ways to establish balance and boundaries
  • Bonding with and feeding baby (breastfeeding and bottle-feeding)

This may be your first or forth baby. In any case, you'll gain a fresh perspective on your unique approach to motherhood.

This Workshop 

IS for you if...

  • You are pregnant and ready to create a healthy foundation for you and baby
  • You are overwhelmed with all the pregnancy-related changes 
  • You've been relying on Google for pregnancy tips
  • You feel isolated or constantly worried about your pregnancy
  • You wish you had more time during and support between prenatal appointments
  • You hope to connect with a community

This Workshop is NOT for you if...

  • You are not interested in working towards a healthy lifestyle
  • You don't enjoy group participation 
  • You don't want support or guidance in your pregnancy
  • You are looking for instant results
  • You are NOT open to support or feedback

Your Empowered Pregnancy Experience


If any of this sounds familiar, you aren't alone. Pregnancy is a miracle and sometimes it can feel like you are in the middle of an ocean, riding the waves solo.

The health coaches in Empowered Pregnancy Workshop will guide you through this precious season in your life, giving you support and resource to help you have a healthy and happy pregnancy. 

Community Experience

Top features

  • Six weekly virtually gatherings, filled with fun, interactive, and informative presentations and activities 
  • A space to celebrate the journey and connect with other mamas 
  • Health Coach-Guided relaxation and mindfulness activities
  • Movement activities- gentle stretches and exercises

Personalized Experience

Top features

  • Three 30-minute private sessions with a pregnancy-specialized health coach
  • Check-in and get personalized support
  • A space to gain clarity and work through challenges
  • Help with creating your pregnancy wellness guide
Please note: You may choose a package without private sessions.

Curated Resources

Top features

  • Access to relevant and scientific health and pregnancy information
  • Videos, blogs, articles and/or  audio resources
  • Ditch the endless scrolling for info
  • Bonus: guest experts sessions

Holistic Pregnancy Guide

Top features

  • Create a guide to help you keep track of your intentions, thoughts, and questions
  • Identify which areas of your life need some extra care
  • Document your pregnancy journey
  • Keep notes from appointments

I'm Victoria 

When I was pregnant with my first child, my prenatal care was with group of pregnancy care doctors. I tried to schedule my appointments with the same doctor to ensure continuity of care. 

However, I had never met the doctor who delivered my baby prior to the birth. And my six-week follow up appointment was also with a doctor I hadn't met before.  

As you can imagine, my whole pregnancy and postpartum experience felt disconnected and impersonal. I was missing connection, someone who'd celebrate the journey with me, instead of just checking off boxes in the process. 

Like many mamas, I relied on the internet *insert Dr. Google* and lurked around online birthing forums to inform myself about a healthy pregnancy and for a sense of connection... not so reliable. 

Hearing other mamas with similar experiences inspired me to combine my training in nursing, mental health, prenatal/ postpartum wellness and integrative nutrition coaching to create a space for women to be empowered through connection, resources and support in their pregnancy journey.

Hope to see you at the workshop!

Your in wellness,



"This is exactly what every woman needs during pregnancy!"

- Ana

"I really felt empowered."

- Joy

"Having someone who truly cared and helped me shift my perspective was the best! "

- Jenny

You are in the right place!

This is an opportunity to invest in yourself and create a happy and healthy foundation for you and your family. You may still have some questions. Check out the FAQs.

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Empowered Pregnancy Workshop

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Workshop Only (No Private Sessions) Full Payment

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If you aren’t completely satisfied with Empowered Pregnancy Workshop, let us know within the first 7-days for a full refund.

Tailored Experience

Group and personalized sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the group and individual mamas, rather than a generic program.

1:1 Support

In Empowered Mama Workshop, you connect with a health coach 1:1 for deeper support, this is a bonus!

Session Length

Short and impactful virtual gatherings-Group sessions are 1hr15mins and personalized sessions are 30 mins long. The six-week offers extended support to implement your goals.

Amazing Feature

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